Music is life for Atlee Treasure. Hailing from Philly, the city of soul, it's no wonder
the passion is so great for this Seattle based DJ/Producer/Promoter.

Growing up on The Commodores, James Brown, Grover Washington Jr., and Sugar Hill Gang
as well as 80s punk and new wave, Atlee's perspective remainced broad. After his 1991 debut
in an electronic trio, his passion for beat production and DJing began

Now Atlee can be heard playing anything from hiphop, jazz, house and dancehall.
After holding down several residencies in Seattle for the last 4 years, his newest venture
is the SunTzu produced event: Future Soul at The Baltic Room. There you can hear Atlee
mixing up the many styles he has come to love over the years.

His Story
Electric Soul - A night of eclectic sounds and textures - NATION - Seattle
Soul Nation - A pure hiphop night emphasizing the deepest and funkiest underground rhythms - Nation - Seattle
Beat-Bop - The Baltic Room - Seattle
Future Soul - Uniting the sounds of brokenbeat, nujazz, deephouse, afro-latin, and hiphop - The Baltic Room - Seattle

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