Since early 2002, the raggamuffin voice of DJ Collage has been a rising sound within the electronic music community worldwide. His vocal performances have been featured on top Viennese records by the Sofa Surfers (Encounters), Stereotyp (My Sound), I- Wolf (Inna Meditation), Megablast (Lickshots, El Ninjo & Hard Tabacco) and the Wicked squad (Domo-Kun Bogle 12" & Fi Play). He also has upcoming projects with Berlin based breakbeat duo- Dangerous Drums (Time Bomb remixes), LA based producer- 60 Channels (Encounter Evolution, Once Inna Life), Barcelona based DJ/Rupture (Rude Bwoy Talk) and the original breakbeat master- Meat Beat Manifesto ( In Dub). With these collaborations, Collage has been able to fuse his dancehall vocal flavor with abstract dub, breakbeat, house, drum & bass and still nice up straight dancehall parties. He has also performed live extensively throughout the US, Canada & Europe.

DJ Collage began his musical journey by chatting on reggae soundsystems and with live reggae bands throughout the Midwestern US and Canada in the early nineties. He then relocated to California in 92' and began work with selectors and bands around the Bay area. He also formed the "Masse-One Soundsystem" which featured him as the vocalist and 2 selectors (Bad Lt. & Bamboo) running the riddims. When the soundsystem dissolved, Collage took the Masse-One name and turned it into a record label and received favorable reviews for his first single "Worla' Destruction" released in 1996. But it wasn't until his 5 song EP "Uptown/Downtown" was released in 2000, did he really attract the attention of the masses. Since then, he continues to put out his solo releases and continues to rock crowds around the world. He has a unique & flexible vocal style that can flow over many forms of urban & club music. Nuff said... Go and check out di man called DJ Collage!

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  Kim Nauman - Vocalist
  Jayson Powers - Percussionist

  AC Lewis - DJ/Producer/Promoter - Seattle
  Atlee - DJ/Producer/Promoter - Seattle
  Dr. J - DJ/Producer/Promoter - Vancouver
  J-Justice - DJ/Producer/Promoter - Seattle
  Mikey - DJ/Promoter - Seattle

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