Born and raised in Seattle, my love of underground music grew from listening to pirate radio from the UK
and Germany in the mid 90s. Then I was schooled by Gilles Peterson's Worldwide show on Radio 1 and the
Jazzanova Radio show on RadioMultiCulti. It was these influences that turned me on to the 'brokenbeat'
scene of West London as well as the sounds emerging from Germany.

Through my work as a producer/project manager on multimedia projects, I pursue a direction that allows me
to combine my love of music with other media.

Whether in multimedia or web development or as music producers and promoters, we strive to be
exceptional, innovative and inquisitive in which ever industry we choose to pursue. Co-op.

  AC Lewis - DJ/Producer/Promoter - Seattle
  Atlee - DJ/Producer/Promoter - Seattle
  Dr. J - DJ/Producer/Promoter - Vancouver
  J-Justice - DJ/Producer/Promoter - Seattle
  Jayson Powell - Percussionist/Producer/Promoter - Seattle

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