"Drums, gongs, flags, and pennants are used to unite men's eyes and ears.
When the men are united, the brave cannot advance alone, the cowardly cannot retreat alone.
These are the principles for employing a large number of troops." - from 'The Art of War' by Sun Tzu

Created at the end of 2002, SunTzu Sound is a collective of DJs, producers, and promoters based
in Pacific Morthwest. Taking inspiration from the ancient text 'The Art of War' by Sun Tzu,
the collective's strategy is to exercise patience, be visible when the time is right and speak loud
when people are most ready to listen. SunTzu Sound believes this is the true way to gaining exposure
and dominance in the growing electronic music scene.

Musically, SunTzu Sound is dedicated to connecting the dots between various grooves and genres. They are
tuned into the ever expanding worlds of brokenbeat, future jazz, downtempo, hiphop, soul (old and new),
jazz (old and new) and deep house. SunTzu Sound also exposes audiences to the importance of our musical
past, as it pays respect to the creators of jazz, funk and soul.

Collectively, the members of SunTzu Sound have over 20 years experience as DJs and promoters. The following list
proves their broad musical range and dedication to promoting both established and up-and-coming artists.

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  AC Lewis
  DJ/Producer/Promoter - Seattle
  DJ/Producer/Promoter - Seattle
  Dr. J
  DJ/Producer/Promoter - Vancouver
  DJ/Producer/Promoter - Seattle
  DJ/Promoter - Seattle
  Jayson Powers
  Percussionist/Producer - Seattle

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