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TRUST #8 Recap

God bless you all, we’ve survived another wicked weekend of TRUST; #8 possibly being the most raucous yet!

DOMU was rocking a packed and sweaty dancefloor that at one point felt like it was ready to crash through the floorboards. Kate Coffee was a brilliant hostess bringing many different people together for another special evening of good times and stellar music from all corners of the spectrum.

Check the photos from our new Peter Parker aka Bob Hansen!!

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Sadly we have to wish a fond farewell to both Bailee and Kate who are leaving the TRUST family. Bailee needs all the time she can get to study web dev so she can start stealing clients from me and Kate is off to Berlin (back to Berlin?). TRUST would not be what it is without these two fine ladies. Good luck to you both!!!

We also want to apologize to those who were not able to get in to the party. As always, we’ve said that space is limited and early arrival is suggested. We’ll be working with the owners to work out some of the kinks but we’re just so glad to see our TRUST family growing at the new spot ETG. So, mark your calendars for November 14 when TRUST returns.

In the meantime, DOMU is still in town and will rock Lo-Fi tonight Oct 13 at Stop Biting. He’ll be playing a more beat-centric set so be sure to roll through and catch him again.

More info here:

Until next time… TRUST!

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